Spirit Gemstones ~ Bracelets

About your items...  

🦋 All pieces are made with the intention of having them help you along your journey with more joy, grace and love.

🦋 Please note that while keeping to the general design displayed in the product images below, your final bracelet will likely be slightly different due to the necessary changes that result from accommodating different sizes.

🦋 All items are made with the invitation for your higher self and spirit team to participate energetically with the creation of your item ~ collaborating with the gemstones and infusing the final piece with an intention and energy that they feel is most suitable and appropriate for you and where you are at the moment.

🦋 You can always select the option of having something made-to-order as I connect directly with your higher self and members of your spirit team, which will also include a short written channelled message from them to you.

🦋 All bracelets will include the Power Trio2x, forming a self-sustaining cleansing environment so you don't need to worry about cleansing the energy of your bracelet.

🦋 The SGemS standard bracelet size is 1.25 inches longer than your wrist size, see sizing guide below.


Playing with gemstones and their energy should be fun. Everyone will feel the energy of gemstones in different ways. Some, like myself, do not notice a shift in energy with or without the gemstones. While others will be able to sense a tangible shift in their energy with each individual gemstone. 

The characteristics of gemstones are not a substitution for medical or professional advise. 


SGemS Power Trio2x

The inspiration for this came from Maitland, channeled via Jamie Butler, who informed us that by pairing Selenite with Black Tourmaline, together they create a self-sustaining cleansing environment. Since I like playing with 3s, I though to pair them with Quartz, which also empowers other stones, thinking it would only make the duo stronger. 

While channeling through a friend, Chiara Prato, Maitland then informed me that I could also use Black Obsidian, because of it's protective characteristics, and clarified for me that Cloudy Quartz enhances the message and Clear Quartz enhances the strength of the other stones. I then finished off the complete set of six with the addition of the Hematite spacers for it's grounding abilities.

Hematite•Black Tourmaline•Cloudy Quartz•Clear Quartz•Selenite•Black Obsidian•H

SGemS_PowerTrio2x for Gemstone Bracelets: Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Cloudy Quartz, Clear Quarts, Hematite


How to Determine Your Bracelet Size

Measure your wrist where you would normally wear your bracelet, often just below the wrist bone, using a flexible measuring tape, or you can also use a string or a strip of paper. Measure the string or paper with a ruler and that is your wrist size. 

The final bracelet size will be larger depending on the width of the gemstones used and also your preference for how tight you like it, which is a personal preference. 

As a standard, I like to add 1.25 inches to your wrist size to determine the straight length of the bracelet.

If you tend to prefer a more snug fit, I'd add 0.75–1.0 inches or if you prefer it really loose, I'd add 1.5 inches to the wrist size. In short:

Snug = add 0.75–1.0  inches

Standard = approximately 1.25 Inches

Loose = approximately 1.5 inches

Note: With the monthly plans, your size preference will be on file so that you always get the size that you like. 

Collaborating 💎 Creating 🪨 and Playing 🔮 with Spirit GemStones