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This page is being built at the moment so there are missing and broken links everywhere. Thank you for visiting and please feel free to reach out to me via the contact form below to discuss your interest in creating and new Spirit GemStone piece for you. Lots of love, Daniel 🙂❤️

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Welcome to Spirit GemStones

A place where all our items are made in collaboration with the gemstones themselves and inspired by Spirit. Infused and created with Reiki energy, along with the open invitation for your higher self and the rest of your Spirit Team to influence and infuse each piece with an energetic intention of the highest vibration, for your higher and greater good.

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Life Beyond Form Three Principles Transformational Personal and Executive Coaching Spiritual Intelligence Exploration Past Life Regression Life Between Lives Reiki Healing

Collaborating 💎 Creating 🪨 and Playing 🔮 with Spirit GemStones

Remember that you are powerful beyond any tool, exercise or technique.  

Play, create and have fun as you navigate through your journey of awakening to your fully realized self, to the truth of who you are and into an even greater awareness of what you are capable of.

Invite these powerful Spirit GemStones as divine playmates to come into your experience and playfully co-create with you to help you (and all of us) expand into even greater possibilities. 

Intention of Spirit GemStones Continued...

As with most or all of my projects, I actively play very directly with Spirit and invite their participation in different ways. At Spirit GemStones, your higher self and the rest of your spirit team have an open invitation to be present during the creation process of your item(s). For them to infuse whatever energy and intention is most useful for you at the moment.


To the love and light of the divine, we thank you for this opportunity to play with a variety of amazing, loving and helpful energies. To the beautiful and amazing gemstones, our higher selves, guides, masters, angles, healers, loved ones and other beings of light that are helping us along our journey, we thank all of you for being with us, for your willingness to assist us and play and co-create with us as we move through life, helping us find ourselves and remember the truth of who we are, so that we can all expand our awareness and begin to live life being fully realized, creating and living life from a place of infinite creativity, possibility and abundance.

Spirit GemStones Signature...

SGemS_PowerTrio2x for Gemstone Bracelets: Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Cloudy Quartz, Clear Quarts, Hematite

~ Power of Three, Six and Nine ~

Selenite ~ Cleansing
Black Tourmaline ~ Strengthening
Clear Quartz ~ Empowering
Cloudy Quartz ~ Message Enhancement
Black Obsidian ~ Protection/Ascension
Hematite ~ Grounding

Rose Quartz ~ Love/Gentleness
Smokey Quartz ~ Stability/Tolerance
Amethyst ~ Balance

A Spirit friend of mine (Maitland) commented once that Selenite and Black Tourmaline together create a self-sustaining energy cleansing environment. Selenite cleanses and Black Tourmaline strengthens Selenite's ability.

This inspired me to add these stones, along with some other friends, to all the bracelets and other Spirit GemStone items where possible.

The Power of Three, Six or Nine play together to make all of our items stronger and help ensure the energy of the Spirit GemStone item care for itself without the need to take it out into the Sun, Moon, or put it in a Salt bath.

Having said this, if you want to do any of these, you are always welcome to do so. I tend to prefer the Moon as the Sun can bleach out the color of crystals over time, but I still use the evening Sun and only for 5-10 minutes.

We hope you enjoy your Spirit GemStone item and we are honored to provide you with Spirit GemStone playmates to assist you on your Spiritual Journey. 

More Items Coming Soon

The actual bracelet shipped to you may be slightly different due to the size requested but the key design will be respected with all the Spirit GemStones selected for that particular style.
(Bespoke Items Created Upon Request)

Power of Nine Ring

Selenite ~ Cleansing
Black Tourmaline ~ Strengthening
Black Obsidian ~ Protection

Silk Tassel

Power of Nine Silk String

Selenite ~ Cleansing
Black Tourmaline ~ Strengthening
Black Obsidian ~ Protection
Cloudy Quartz ~ Message Enhancement
Clear Quartz ~ Empowering
Hematite ~ Grounding
Rose Quartz ~ Love and Gentleness
Smokey Quartz ~ 
Amethyst ~ Balance

Bed Gridding Package with 4, 5 or 6 Rings

Create your own set of bed gridding power of nine rings:

Small 6mm Beads
Medium 8mm Beads
Large 12mm Beads

Connecting with Spirit
~ CSVS Inspired ~

This bracelet was created for the Channeling Spirit Virtual Summit. It is a combination of XXX Spirit GemStones that all help with expanding our awareness, strengthening our connection with Spirit and expanding into our multi-dimensional Self.

Earthing and Grounding

Describe the feature in more detail here.

Restful and Dream Enhancing Sleep

Describe the feature in more detail here.

Ascension and Protection

As we allow our light to shine more brightly, we come realize that there is nothing that we need protection from. Which is why I was a little reluctant to create a "protection" bracelet for a friend of mine who asked. However, as I came to understand more about all the Spirit GemStones that are known for protection, I learned that they are all helping us to balance our energy so that we can expand our awareness and shine our light more brightly. So, enjoy this bracelet and allow your light to shine.

Healing and Rejuvenation

Describe the feature in more detail here.

Disclaimer: Playing with gemstones and their energy should be fun. Everyone feels the energy of gemstones in different ways. Some, like myself, do not notice a shift in energy with or without the gemstones. While others will be able to sense a tangible shift in their energy with each individual gemstone. 

The characteristics of gemstones are not a substitution for medical or professional advise. 

GemStone Descriptions Footnote

You may have noticed that the gemstone descriptions on this site are very brief with only the relevant quality for the intention of the item. There are many other amazing websites with a ton of great information about the different metaphysical properties of the different gemstones.

My longer-term plan is to be able to channel the Spirit of the individual gemstones and be able to share with you how they want to be understood, potentially describing their areas of interest, specialty and fun; understanding the energy and assistance they enjoy playing with the most.


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Collaborating 💎 Creating 🪨 and Playing 🔮 with Spirit GemStones