The Birth of Spirit GemStones

(Note: this is a first draft and still needs a lot of editing.)

The Spirit GemStones project has slowly come into being through a variety of different influences, which started over a year ago in late 2022.

It all began when I asked Natasha Scott to create a bracelet and neckless for me with specific intentions, and then asked her to create a bracelet for each member of my family thereafter, again with their respective desired intentions. I really loved collaborating with her as we played with the energy of the different gemstones she was feeling into for each piece and especially enjoyed playing with their visual and aesthetic design. We became friends through the process and you can hear us speaking about it during our Spiritual Intelligence Podcast episode.

The second part of this story is influenced and attributed to Maitland, a spirit guide that regularly speaks through my channeling teacher Jamie Butler, and is also a very important member of a private channeling practice group. Maitland and Jamie Butler offer an energy update at the start of each month and as part of this update, Maitland always shares her recommendation of three gemstones who's abilities and strengths will assist us throughout the month. More than once, I have thought about how much easier it would be to simply have a bracelet made with these stones instead of having stones in my pockets or near me throughout the day. This idea of creating bracelets based on Maitland's monthly recommendations has been percolating in the back of my mind for a long time, ever since my experience of working with Natasha Scott.

The third part of this story and the situation that pushed me to actually take action came about this past Christmas season as I was unable to find the gifts I had in mind for my family. A few months ago, during one of the monthly energy updates, Maitland (through Jamie) made a passing comment about how Selenite and Black Tourmaline paired together create a self-sustaining cleansing environment. She said that they support each other because as the Selenite cleanses the Black Tourmaline and other surrounding stones, the Black Tourmaline strengthens Selenite's ability to cleanse. This really stuck me and thought it would be a great gift idea for my family, to help them cleans their stones easily and effortlessly.

I found something that I liked on Amazon but it was too long for what I was looking for and then I found something on Etsy that I thought could work, so I ordered them for everyone. When I received the items, I noticed that the black stones were just that, simply black stones and that they were not Black Tourmaline. The shop that I bought it from on Etsy was no longer active, which indicates that they knew they were doing something dodgy and that it wasn't a simple honest mistake.

So, I was left with a bunch of Selenite and black stones, that were not going to work as gifts for my family. I'll find some use for the Selenite and the black stones at some point in the future, but I was back to the beginning, with nothing for my family. This is when I decided that I would simply make what I had in mind. So, I started looking at large beads to buy and started getting the other supplies I would need to create what I had in mind.

While I was doing all of this, I went ahead and ordered materials for making bracelets and eventually got around to ordering the gemstones Maitland recommended for January as well as some others. 

However, I missed something important here as well. A couple months back, Maitland had recommended Kyanite along with Pink or Peach Moonstone, along with Sun Stone. I saw some Kyanite beads on Amazon while I was looking for a small piece (which I later suspect isn't real), so I thought I'd get them and ask my brother-in-law to make them into a bracelet since he had played a little with making bracelets after he was inspired by the one Natasha made for him the year before.

I also ordered a Pink Moonstone bracelet and figured I'd wear them both together during the month, especially at night because they helped with different aspects of the dream state. My brother was going to make the bracelet for me and even brought his materials over when I decided I would take the opportunity to make it myself after watching him make one for himself with his beads. He happened to have Apatite, which is a stone Maitland/Jamie recommended earlier and also helps with dreams. So, I took some beads and planned to combine it with the Kyanite and Pink Moonstone, and this was in fact the first bracelet I ever made, which was immediately followed by with the bracelet with January's recommended gemstones. And the official start of Spirit GemStones.

So, the primary influencers in helping bring Spirit GemStones to life are Natasha, Maitland/Jamie and my brother-in-law. A deep gratitude and appreciation goes to each of them for their role in making Spirit GemStones possible.

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Collaborating 💎 Creating 🪨 and Playing 🔮 with Spirit GemStones